Samuel Kampa, Ph.D.

Photo credit: Justy Photography (original image modified)

I am a Client Success Analyst at Yellowdig, an educational technology startup known for its eponymous "social learning platform". Yellowdig is like a mash-up of Reddit and Facebook for schools, universities, and independent learning communities—but without the ads, the questionable data practices, and the fake news. My role involves training instructors, producing data visualizations in Python, and jamming to the sweet rhythms of our logic database, among other things.

Before joining Yellowdig, I was a graduate student in the Philosophy Department at Fordham University. My doctoral dissertation was on belief-like attitudes such as obsessions, delusions, and implicit biases. I considered the implications of these attitudes for theories of knowledge and rationality. I also published several articles in peer-reviewed academic journals, though my widest read contribution was for a general audience.

You can reach me by e-mail at samuelkampa_AT_gmail_D0T_com or on LinkedIn. You are also welcome to visit my fledgling github site.

About the cover photo: The Tetrahedral Kite is one of Alexander Graham Bell's lesser known inventions. It is both charmingly off-kilter and a significant development in the history of aviation. A lifelong polymath, Bell showed that lasting innovations often come from unexpected sources.