As a Teaching Fellow at Fordham University, I taught five terms of Philosophical Ethics and two terms of Philosophy of Human Nature. Here are my most recent syllabi for Philosophical Ethics (standard), Philosophical Ethics (speaking- and writing-intensive), and Philosophy of Human Nature.

Students looking for a quick refresher on philosophical methods are encouraged to consult these presentations: Logic Primer and Philosophical Writing.

My complete teaching portfolio is available upon request.

Teaching through Research

I enjoy writing pieces that are accessible to undergraduates. These short-form pieces ("Imaginative Transportation"; "Is Acting Hazardous?") and these co-authored papers ("Aristotle as a Nonclassical Trope Theorist"; "Luck and Significance") are representative examples. I try to craft prose that is both entertaining and lucid, and I hope my work helps students see philosophy for what it is: a tremendous amount of fun.