Samuel Kampa, Ph.D.

Photo credit: Justy Photography (original image modified)

I am an Analytics Engineer at NeuroFlow, a Philadelphia-based mental health tech startup. Prior to joining NeuroFlow, I was a Client Success Lead at Yellowdig, an educational technology startup known for its community-building platform.

Before all that, I was a graduate student in the Philosophy Department at Fordham University. My dissertation was on belief-like attitudes such as obsessions, delusions, and implicit biases. I considered the implications of these attitudes for theories of knowledge and rationality. I also published several articles in peer-reviewed academic journals, though perhaps my widest read contribution was for a general audience.

You can reach me on LinkedIn. You're also welcome to visit my fledgling github page.

About the cover photo: The Tetrahedral Kite is one of Alexander Graham Bell's lesser known inventions. It is both charmingly off-kilter and a significant development in the history of aviation. A lifelong polymath, Bell showed that lasting innovations often come from unexpected sources.